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Nursing Re-Entry nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
‘Superbug’ a Danger for Even the Young and Healthy
CE384-60 1.00
A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Diabetes
60168 4.00
A Lurking Danger
A ‘Bundle’ of Safety Measures Available to Fight Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections
CE476 1.00
A Perfect Match: Preventing Blood Incompatibility Errors
CE481 1.00
Adverse Drug Events
CE102-60 1.00
Preventing a Deadly Complication in Vulnerable Populations
CE491 1.00
C. Difficile Threatens Hospitalized Patients
CE362-60 1.00
CBC 101
Blood Count Basics
CE279-60 1.00
Certified Stroke Centers
What Does This Designation Really Mean?
CE615 1.00
Delegating to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
CE124-60 1.00
Disease Management Empowers Patients‚ Improves Lives
CE354-60 1.00
Do You Reflect a Positive Image of Nursing?
CE492 1.00
Document It Right: A Nurse's Guide to Charting
60076 5.20
Document It Right: Would Your Charting Stand Up to Scrutiny?
CE510 1.00
Drug Interactions With Medications and Food
CE174-60 1.00
Elder Abuse
Mistreatment of Older Americans on the Rise
CE511 1.00
Every Nurse Is a Risk Manager
CE105-60 1.00
Fall Prevention for Older Adults
CE151-60 1.00
Fighting for Breath with COPD
CE374-60 1.00
Follow the Evidence to Up-to-Date Practice
CE359-60 1.00
For a Healthy Environment‚ Clinicians and Hospitals Have to Go Green(er)
CE489 1.00
From 'Distress' to 'De-stress' With Stress Management
CE424 1.00
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Infancy Through Adulthood
60179 1.50
Part of Nursing Practice
CE479 1.00
GI Bleeding
The Ins and Outs
CE612 1.00
Hidden Danger: Venous Thromboembolism
CE366-60 1.00
HIPAA and Confidentiality
Practice May Change, But Principles Endure
CE513 1.00
How To Stay Safe While Administering Chemotherapy
CE554 1.00
Review of Guidelines and Drug Therapy Management
CE506 1.00
Infection Control
HIV/AIDS and Other Bloodborne Pathogens
CE163-60 1.00
Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals (Not for NY)
60011 3.00
Infectious Microbes and Disease
General Principles
60040 1.40
Interprofessional Guide to Pain Management
60227 6.00
Knocking Out Pain Safely with PCA
CE442 1.00
Life-Threatening Fungal Infections on the Rise
CE390-60 1.00
Lines of Communication
CE462 1.00
Mind Your Manners ... Multiculturally
CE570 1.00
MRSA May Be Waiting Right Around the Corner
CE480 1.00
Nanotechnology in Medicine
The Future Is Very Small
CE406-60 1.00
Nurses Critical as Reimbursement Dries Up for Catheter-Associated UTIs
CE485 1.00
Of Human Bondage
Alternatives to Restraints Help Reduce Risks to Patients
60072 2.50
One Size Doesn’t Fit All with Age-Specific Competencies
60051 1.70
Pain Management Basics
CE648 1.00
Pain Management Basics for Nursing Licensure in Michigan
CE391-60 1.00
Pitfalls of IV Therapy
CE94-60 1.00
Polypharmacy in the Elderly
CE214-60 1.00
Preventing Medication Errors
60150 2.00
Promoting a Culture of Safety to Prevent Medical Errors
CE498 1.00
Protect Yourself
Know Your Nurse Practice Act
CE548 1.00
Psychosis, Mood, and Anxiety
Understanding Mental Illness
60143 5.80
Safety First: The Joint Commission’s National Patient Safety Goals for 2017
CE756 1.00
The Body's Overreaction to Infection Can Prove Deadly
CE517 1.00
Shock States
Knowing the Similarities and Differences is Vital
CE505 1.00
The ABCs of Hepatitis
Preventive Measures Can Halt Transmission
CE547 1.00
The Future of Nursing Report
What We’ve Achieved So Far
60194 1.50
The Hospitalized Older Adult
Entering a Danger Zone
CE533 1.00
Troubleshooting Central Vascular Access Devices (CVADs)
CE138-60 1.00
Warfarin Basics
CE206-60 1.00
Wounds‚ Part 1
Nursing Assessment, Care and Product Selection
CE80-60 1.00
Wounds‚ Part 2
Nursing Care and Product Selection
CE81-60 1.00


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