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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Online Certificate Program
60141 11.00
A Helping Handheld Computer
Technology at the Point of Care
CE334-60 1.00
Accountable Care Organizations
A New Approach to Care Delivery
CE654 1.00
Advanced Practice Nurses: Educational Pathways for the APRN Role
CE750 1.00
Alarm Fatigue Can Endanger Patients
CE704 1.00
Beyond the Headlines: Evaluating and Communicating Research
WEB295 1.00
Bridging the Generation Gaps
CE478 1.00
Building Collegial Nurse-Physician Relationships
CE662 1.00
The Essence of Nursing
CE281-60 1.00
Changing Specialties in Three Easy Steps
CE678 1.00
Coaching Helps Nurses and Patients Succeed
CE432 1.00
Coaching Skills for Lasting Change
WEB294 1.00
Coaching: An Essential Skill for Nurses
60107 5.60
Compassion Fatigue
Don’t Forget to Care for Yourself While Caring for Others
CE692 1.00
Creating a Professional Practice Environment in any Healthcare Setting
WEB308 1.00
Delegating to Unlicensed Assistive Personnel
CE124-60 1.00
Det Norske Veritas (DNV): A New Option on the Table for Accreditation
60247 1.40
Developing Your Leadership Potential
60106 6.80
Do You Reflect a Positive Image of Nursing?
CE492 1.00
EBP Process: Translating Research into Practice
WEB328 1.00
Effective Communication With Patients
The Joint Commission Standards
CE666 1.00
Emotional Intelligence Helps RNs Work Smart
CE373-60 1.00
Empathy 101 for Nurses: How to Care for Yourself While Emotionally Supporting Others
WEB332 1.00
Every Nurse Is a Risk Manager
CE105-60 1.00
Everyday Ethics for Nurses
60097 7.30
Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
WEB326 1.00
Facebook: Know the Policy Before Posting
CE630 1.00
Florence Nightingale
Connecting Her Legacy With Local-to-Global Health Today
CE598 1.00
Florida Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace
60230 2.00
Follow the Evidence to Up-to-Date Practice
CE359-60 1.00
For a Healthy Environment‚ Clinicians and Hospitals Have to Go Green(er)
CE489 1.00
Foreign-Educated Nurses‚ Part 1
Overcoming Barriers to Job Satisfaction and Belonging
CE525 1.00
Foreign-Educated Nurses‚ Part 2
Overcoming Barriers to Job Satisfaction and Belonging
CE526 1.00
Genetic Risk Assessment
CE227-60 1.00
Part of Nursing Practice
CE479 1.00
Get Down to Business With a Business Plan
CE574 1.00
Guided Imagery
A Powerful Therapeutic Support
CE247-60 1.00
The Evidence Behind the Emotion
CE633 1.00
Harmonize Diversity Through Personality Sensitivity
Don’t Worry‚ Be Happy!
CE236-60 1.00
HCAHPS Is All About Patient Satisfaction
CE559 1.00
Healthy People 2020, Part 1
Roadmap for the Nation’s Health
CE672 1.00
Healthy People 2020, Part 2
Roadmap for the Nation’s Health
CE673 1.00
Improving Critical Thinking and Clinical Reasoning
CE168-60 1.00
Integrating the Shared Decision-Making Approach in Daily Clinical Practice
CE735 1.00
Interoperability: Better Care Through Better Information Sharing
CE721 1.00
Interprofessional Collaboration
WEB297 1.00
Interprofessional Education for Seasoned Healthcare Providers
A Paradigm Shift in Continuing Education
CE690 1.00
Interviewing for Career Advancement
CE140-60 1.00
Jumpstart Your Career in Nursing Informatics
CE621 1.00
Keeping Colleagues
Nurse Retention is Everyone's Responsibility
CE328-60 1.00
Learning to Lead
From Staff Nurse to Charge Nurse
60108 5.00
Looking Toward the Future: Nursing Roles Across the Continuum
WEB310 1.00
Managing Conflict to Stay Healthy
WEB276 1.00
Managing Your Time
Work Smarter, Not Harder
CE712 1.00
Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors
CE718 1.00
Meeting the Healthcare Needs of America's Military Veterans
CE669 1.00
Motivational Interviewing
Helping Patients Make Lifestyle Changes
CE740 1.00
Nanotechnology in Medicine
The Future Is Very Small
CE406-60 1.00
Navigating Through Conflict: Successful Strategies for Nurses
WEB301 1.00
Networking for Career Advancement
CE166-60 1.00
No Way Around It: Rounding Means Satisfied Patients and Nurses
CE711 1.00
Novice to Expert
Through the Stages to Success in Nursing
CE556 1.00
Nurse Bullying: Stereotype or Reality? What Can We Do About It?
WEB296 1.00
Nurse, Take Care of Thy Self
WEB307 1.00
Nursing Faculty: The Influence Behind Nursing's Future
WEB293 1.00
Nursing Informatics
Leveraging Technology to Improve Patient Care
CE616 1.00
Nursing Theory
At the Heart of Practice
CE632 1.00
Making the Most of Mentoring
CE190-60 1.00
Passion Meets Preparation: Delineating Terminal Degrees for a Fruitful Pursuit
CE758 1.20
Peer Review in Nursing
An Evidence-Based Approach
CE683 1.00
Performance Management
Focus on Data to Drive Results
CE736 1.00
Population Health
Small Steps Creating Greater Reach
CE700 1.00
Precepting: The Chance to Shape Nursing’s Future
CE393-60 1.00
Preventing Violence in the Healthcare Setting
CE130-60 1.00
Progressing to School Successfully: Is Now the Time for a BSN?
WEB299 1.00
Protect Yourself
Know Your Nurse Practice Act
CE548 1.00
A Fresh Outlook Helps Patients Envision Positive Outcomes
CE349-60 1.00
Research in the Clinical Setting
Taking Nursing to New Heights
60140 2.00
The Recruiter's Perspective
CE147-60 1.00
RN to BSN: Aligning Your Personality Characteristics with Your Career Goals
WEB309 1.00
Shared Governance
What It Can Mean for Nurses
CE635 1.00
Simulation Basics
Getting Ready for the Real Thing
CE664 1.00
Social Media
Give Your Career a Boost
CE691 1.00
Spread Your Wings
RNs Have What It Takes to Be Effective Leaders
CE514 1.00
Staying Cool Under Fire
How Well Do You Communicate?
CE344-60 1.00
Structural Empowerment
Boosting Professional Practice
CE639 1.00
Succession Planning in Nursing
Who Are Tomorrow’s Leaders?
CE622 1.00
Supporting an Evidence-Based Nursing Practice Culture
WEB327 1.00
Surviving and Thriving with Conflict on the Job
CE112-60 1.00
Teaching Tomorrow’s Nurses
What’s Happening in the Classroom?
CE595 1.00
Telemedicine: Virtual Visits With Patients
60243 1.50
The Future of Nursing Report
What We’ve Achieved So Far
60194 1.50
The Healing Power of Humor
CE266-60 1.00
The Healthcare Reform Act
What It Means for Nurses
CE626 1.00
The Nurse With Substance Use Disorder
Moving Past the “Impaired” Nurse Label
CE153-60 1.00
The Nurses’ Bill of Rights
Do You Know Your Rights?
CE655 1.00
The Power of Change
Nurses Make the Difference
CE365-60 1.00
The Power of Suggestion, Hypnosis and Positive Thinking
CE331-60 1.00
The Professional Development CE Anthology, 2017 Edition
60234 10.00
The Rap on Rapport
The Door to Therapeutic Communication
CE326-60 1.00
The Role of the FNP in the Reinvention of Healthcare
WEB289 1.00
The Uncommon Handshake
CE307-60 1.00
The Value of Lean: From Building Cars to Providing Care
CE755 1.00
Transformational Leadership
A Growing Promise for Nursing
CE605 1.00
Transformational Leadership for Staff Nurses
Progressing from Managing Your Patient Load to Leading Healthcare Teams
WEB300 1.00
Transforming Practice: Taking the Leap to APRN
WEB290 1.00
Unlock Your Creativity: Be an Innovator!
CE221-60 1.00
Value-Based Purchasing
Excellent Care Boosts the Bottom Line
CE663 1.00
What Can I Do with a Nursing Informatics Degree?
WEB302 1.00
Who Will Teach Our Nurses
CE414 1.00
Working With an Interprofessional Team
CE90-60 1.00


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