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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
“Look and Listen” Approach to Pediatric Dysphagia
CE730 1.00
Advance Directives: Conversations Matter
CE715 1.00
Alzheimer’s Disease, Part 1
Trends in Diagnosis and Management
60215 1.80
Alzheimers and Women: What is the Connection?
WEB236 1.00
An Interprofessional Approach: The Patient After Stroke
CE680 1.00
An Interprofessional School-Based Team’s Approach to Caring for Lilly
A Second-Grader With Cerebral Palsy
60228 1.50
An Introduction to Oncology Emergencies
60218 1.50
Arterial and Venous Wounds
CE753 1.00
ASD: Review of Research and Evidence Related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies
WEB248 1.00
ASD: Treatments and Therapies
WEB250 1.00
Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
WEB247 1.00
Behavior Change and Diabetes
WEB256 1.00
Beyond the Headlines: Evaluating and Communicating Research
WEB295 1.00
Bone Health for Women
WEB237 1.00
Building Muscle: Optimizing Protein Intake
WEB283 1.00
Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help with Weight Management?
WEB251 1.00
Chikungunya Fever
Mosquito-Related Infection in the U.S.
CE733 1.00
Children's Health and Wellness
WEB246 1.00
Coaching Skills for Lasting Change
WEB294 1.00
Common Brain Injuries and the CT Scan
CE723 1.00
Common Hand and Wrist Injuries
CE713 1.00
Community Based Healthcare: The Opportunities for Nursing Leaders
WEB258 1.00
Community-Onset Clostridium difficile
The Changing Picture
CE714 1.00
Confabulation: Assessment and Intervention
CE709 1.00
Creating a Healthy Microbiome with Diet and Exercise
WEB284 1.00
Designing the Optimal Diet for Longevity and Health
WEB270 1.00
Diabetic Foot Ulcers Remain a Primary Healthcare Concern
CE743 1.00
District of Columbia HIV/AIDS Requirement for Healthcare Professionals
60225 3.00
Eagle Eye: Exercises in Reducing Medication Errors
WEB318 1.00
Ebola Virus Disease: Preparation and Prevention
An Interprofessional Perspective
60209 1.70
Enterovirus EV-D68 and EV71
Outbreaks Among Children
CE731 1.00
Evidence-Based Care for Your Patient With Acute Heart Failure
CE751 1.20
Exercise is Medicine
WEB229 1.00
Generic Drugs
Reducing the Cost of Care
CE671 1.00
Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition
60241 2.00
Gluten-Free Labeling
What Health Practitioners Need to Know
60206 1.80
Healthy People 2020, Part 2
Roadmap for the Nation’s Health
CE673 1.00
Heart Health: Empowering Women
WEB239 1.00
Heart Healthy Lifestyle Counseling
WEB238 1.00
How Does the Paleo Diet Really Shape Up?
WEB275 1.00
How to Read a Chest X-Ray, Part 1
CE697 1.00
How to Understand a Chest X-Ray, Part 2
CE701 1.00
Human Trafficking: Identification and Assessment of Victims Essential
CE759 1.00
Hydration Myths and Realities
WEB286 1.00
Identifying Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer
BRCA and Beyond
CE722 1.00
Integrating the Shared Decision-Making Approach in Daily Clinical Practice
CE735 1.00
Interprofessional Case No. 1
Reggie Mantel, An Older Adult Recovering from Knee Replacement and CVA
CE677 1.50
Interprofessional Case: Theo, an Older Adult With Burns and Smoke Inhalation Injuries
60239 1.50
Interprofessional Education for Seasoned Healthcare Providers
A Paradigm Shift in Continuing Education
CE690 1.00
Interprofessional Guide to Pain Management
60227 6.00
Interprofessional Rehabilitation of People With Executive Function Impairment
CE742 1.00
Juvenile Diabetes: Empowering Self-Management
WEB254 1.00
Lessons From the Dying Patient, Part 1: The Fear of Death and Symbolic Language
WEB321 1.00
Lessons From the Dying Patient, Part 2: The Five Stages of Dying
WEB322 1.00
Lessons From the Dying Patient, Part 3: Children and Death and Sudden Death
WEB323 1.00
Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Moving Beyond the Myths
WEB319 1.00
Lymphedema: An “Orphan” Disease
60244 1.50
MACRA 201: Operationalizing CMS’s Merit-Based Incentive Payment System in Clinical Practice
WEB325 1.00
Maintaining Weight Loss
WEB252 1.00
Management of Diabetic Neuropathy and Associated Disorders
CE739 1.00
Managing Beverage Calories
WEB245 1.00
Managing Conflict to Stay Healthy
WEB276 1.00
Mandatory Child Abuse Reporting in PA
60213 2.00
Measuring Quality Outcomes
WEB214 1.00
Medicare Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity
Who, What, and Why
60197 1.50
Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors
CE718 1.00
Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS)
A More Deadly Human Coronavirus Emerges
CE747 1.00
Motivational Interviewing
Helping Patients Make Lifestyle Changes
CE740 1.00
Nursing Leadership and Emergency Preparedness
WEB259 1.00
Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition
Should our Genes Determine What We Eat?
WEB271 1.00
Nutrition to Optimize Wound Healing
CE748 1.00
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
CE719 1.00
POLST: Planning for Life Endings
CE706 1.00
Real or Magic? The Power of Positive Thinking in Health Outcomes
WEB211 1.00
Reality Check: How Does Exercise Contribute to Weight Loss?
WEB287 1.00
Sleep Disorders
Being Alert to Common Varieties
CE688 1.00
Sorting Out Mood Disorders in Children and Adolescents
CE699 1.00
Stopping the Progression of Prediabetes
WEB255 1.00
Suicide Prevention: Assessment, Treatment, and Risk Management of At-Risk Populations
60242 6.00
Telemedicine: Virtual Visits With Patients
60243 1.50
Tetanus: Deadly But Preventable
CE754 1.00
The Amish
Negotiating Old Ways and New
CE741 1.00
The End of Antibiotics: Can We ‘ESKAPE’ It?
CE725 1.00
The Importance of Sleep for Combatting Stress and Improving Your Health
WEB263 1.00
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Community, Part 1
Perspectives in Healthcare
60236 1.50
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Community, Part 2
Healthcare Disparities
60237 2.00
The Role of the Diabetes Educator
WEB257 1.00
Therapies for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation
Update and Review
CE761 1.00
Utilizing Evidence-Based Practice and IT to Enhance Safety
WEB213 1.00
Vertigo: Spinning Out of Control
CE716 1.00
What Evidence Lurks Behind Popular Supplements?
WEB274 1.00
What Influences Lifestyle Choices and How Can We Change Them?
WEB277 1.00
What is Early Intervention? Treatments and Therapies before or after a Diagnosis
WEB249 1.00
What is Energy Balance?
WEB244 1.00
When Disasters Strike
Preparing for the Unexpected
CE681 1.00
Young Child in Rehabilitation After Non-Fatal Drowning
Interprofessional Case #2
60195 2.00
Zika in America: What Do Healthcare Professionals Need to Know?
WEB320 1.00
Zika: The Pandemic Threat
CE746 1.00


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