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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Women and Heart Disease
60098 10.50
A Complementary and Integrative Practices Potpourri
CE199-60 1.00
Alternative Therapies in Osteoporosis
CE282-60 1.00
Alzheimers and Women: What is the Connection?
WEB236 1.00
Anabolic Steroids and Other Performance-Enhancing Drugs
Body Busters, Not Builders
CE320-60 1.00
Anxiety Disorders
CE175-60 1.00
Autoimmune Disease
A Leading Cause of Death Among Women
CE530 1.00
Beyond the Baby Blues
Postpartum Depression
CE72-60 1.00
Bleeding in Early Pregnancy
When Is It an Emergency?
CE434 1.00
60198 3.00
Breasts: Advanced Physical Assessment
CE85-60 1.00
C-section Infection Prevention, Care, and Patient Education
WEB281 1.00
Cancer Navigation
Reducing Barriers to Timely Care
CE676 1.00
Caring for Women Experiencing Hysterectomy
CE154-60 1.00
Caught in the Web of Internet Addiction
CE218-60 1.00
Cervical Cancer Screening and Prevention
CE170-60 1.00
Chlamydia: The Silent Epidemic
CE145-60 1.00
Cholesterol: The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 1
CE337-60 1.00
Cholesterol: The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 2
CE338-60 1.00
Contraceptive Counseling for Breastfeeding Patients
CE93-60 1.00
Control of Hypertension
Can We Win the War?
CE196-60 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals‚ Part 1
Culture and Women’s Health
AH398-60 1.00
Cultural Perspectives in Childbearing
CE263-60 1.00
Cyclic Upheaval
Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
CE289-60 1.00
Dementia in the Older Adult
CE304-60 1.00
Depression and Suicide
Risk Factors, Diagnosis, and Treatment
60016 1.50
Diet and Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women
CE708 1.00
Disease Management of Osteoarthritis
CE202-60 1.00
Domestic Violence Awareness for Healthcare Professionals
60180 3.00
Ectopic Pregnancy
CE77-60 1.00
Effective Parenting
Innate or Learned?
CE636 1.00
End-of-Life Issues
CE257-60 1.00
Evidence-Based Care of the Post-Cesarean Section Patient
CE745 1.00
Exercise for Health and Fitness
CE251-60 1.00
Looking Good and Feeling Awful
CE397-60 1.00
Focus on Feet
Helping Older Patients Maintain Their Feet
CE261-60 1.00
Fundamentals of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
CE512 1.00
Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition
60241 2.00
Going … Going … Gone — Understanding Overactive Bladder
CE387-60 1.00
Guarding the Safety of Anticipated Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Patients
CE470 1.00
Hearing Loss and Assessment
A Concern for All
CE215-60 1.00
Hormone Therapy
What We Know Now
CE546 1.00
How Can We Reach Teenage Smokers?
CE229-60 1.00
Human Growth Hormone — Pharmaceutical Fountain of Youth
CE306-60 1.00
Human Papillomavirus and the Vaccinations
CE631 1.00
Human Trafficking: Identification and Assessment of Victims Essential
CE759 1.00
Hyperemesis Gravidarum — More than Morning Sickness
CE273-60 1.00
Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy
CE705 1.00
Identifying Women at High Risk for Breast Cancer
BRCA and Beyond
CE722 1.00
Importance of Nutritional Status in Pregnancy Outcomes
CE682 1.00
Inevitable Menopause
CE232-60 1.00
Interstitial Cystitis
CE92-60 1.00
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Not Just a Gut Feeling
60229 1.50
Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Moving Beyond the Myths
WEB319 1.00
Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey, Part 1
Risk Factors and Diagnosis
CE667 1.00
Navigating the Breast Cancer Journey, Part 2
Treatment and Resources
CE668 1.00
New Focus on Women’s Sex Disorders
CE428 1.00
Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, Women and Heart Disease
Making the Connection
CE143-60 1.00
Oncologic Breast Reconstruction Today
CE693 1.00
Osteoporosis Update
CE204-60 1.00
Osteoporosis: A Preventable Epidemic
60216 6.00
Ovarian Cancer
Awareness is Key
CE237-60 1.00
Parkinson's Disease
What Healthcare Professionals Should Know
CE213-60 1.00
Is It Hot In Here or Is It Just Me?
CE508 1.00
Perinatal Infections
60149 3.00
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
A Poly-System Problem
CE301-60 1.00
Reality Check: How Does Exercise Contribute to Weight Loss?
WEB287 1.00
Regulation of Body Weight
CE717 1.00
How to Change World Health
CE211-60 1.00
Sexual Assault and Rape
CE253-60 1.00
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Women Face More Risks
CE594 1.00
Shaping Up With Liposuction
CE262-60 1.00
Smoking Cessation
Developing a Workable Program
CE207-60 1.00
Substance Abuse
Helping Women and Their Children
CE553 1.00
Support of the Childbearing Family Through Education
60214 2.20
Tattoos, Piercings and Healthcare Issues
CE685 1.00
Teaching Adult Patients With Learning Disabilities
CE270-60 1.00
The Challenges of Infertility
CE212-60 1.00
The Importance of Sleep for Combatting Stress and Improving Your Health
WEB263 1.00
The Mystery of Sleep
How Nurses Can Help the Elderly
CE239-60 1.00
The Sobering Facts About Fetal Alcohol Exposure
CE381-60 1.00
The Women’s Health CE Anthology, 2017 Edition
60232 20.00
Thyroid Disorders
60034 1.50
To the Point
The Contemporary Body Piercing and Tattooing Renaissance
CE194-60 1.00
Umbilical Cord Blood for Transplantation and Research
CE184-60 1.00
Uncovering Abuse in the Pregnant Woman
CE205-60 1.00
Uncovering Gestational Diabetes for the Health of Mother and Child
CE467 1.00
Using Evidence to Reduce the Risk of Stroke in Women
CE629 1.00
Uterine Myomas
A Significant Women’s Health Concern
CE532 1.00
When Dinner's Done
Postprandial Hypotension in Older Adults
CE324-60 1.00
When the Diagnosis Is Endometrial Cancer
CE440 1.00
When the Nose No Longer Knows
Smell and Taste Disorders in Elders
CE335-60 1.00
Women Face Special Lung Cancer Risks
CE425 1.00
Women in Prison
Healthcare Priorities
CE523 1.00
Women’s Hormones Across the Life Span
60099 7.50
Zika in America: What Do Healthcare Professionals Need to Know?
WEB320 1.00
Zika: The Pandemic Threat
CE746 1.00


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