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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Academic Progression: How Healthcare Reform Initiatives Work for Nurses
WEB187 1.00
Access, Quality and Advocacy in Healthcare
WEB241 1.00
Align Your Sight on the Line
Postoperative Wound Care Information You Want to Know to be Informed about Surgical Incisions, Stitches, Drains, Dressings, Tape, and Patient Education
WEB291 1.00
Alzheimers and Women: What is the Connection?
WEB236 1.00
Are You Happy? Why Happiness Moves Your Career Forward
WEB193 1.00
ASD: Review of Research and Evidence Related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies
WEB248 1.00
ASD: Treatments and Therapies
WEB250 1.00
Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
WEB247 1.00
Behavior Change and Diabetes
WEB256 1.00
Beyond the Headlines: Evaluating and Communicating Research
WEB295 1.00
Bioethical Impact on Nursing and Healthcare
WEB243 1.00
Bone Health for Women
WEB237 1.00
Building Muscle: Optimizing Protein Intake
WEB283 1.00
C-section Infection Prevention, Care, and Patient Education
WEB281 1.00
Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help with Weight Management?
WEB251 1.00
Children's Health and Wellness
WEB246 1.00
Coaching Skills for Lasting Change
WEB294 1.00
Combating Wound Care Myths with Proper Patient Education
WEB230-T 0.50
Communication and the Link to Patient Safety
WEB143 1.00
Communication Challenges with Patients and the Community about Ebola
WEB266 1.00
Community Based Healthcare: The Opportunities for Nursing Leaders
WEB258 1.00
Creating a Healthy Microbiome with Diet and Exercise
WEB284 1.00
Creating a Professional Practice Environment in any Healthcare Setting
WEB308 1.00
Defining the Optimal Exercise: Prescription for Health
WEB226 1.00
Delirium: What is Delirium?
An In-depth Look at Identifying and Managing Delirium in the Geriatric Population
WEB280 1.00
Designing the Optimal Diet for Longevity and Health
WEB270 1.00
Do the Right Thing? Nurses and Moral Distress
WEB182 1.00
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes
WEB223 1.00
Exemplary Professional Practice
How to Provide the Best Nursing Care
WEB91 1.00
Exercise is Medicine
WEB229 1.00
First Aid for Common Skin Injuries
WEB269 1.00
From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better
WEB225 1.00
Heart Health: Empowering Women
WEB239 1.00
Heart Healthy Lifestyle Counseling
WEB238 1.00
How Does High Quality Pain Relief Contribute to Good Outcomes for Patients and Professionals?
WEB232 1.00
How Does the Paleo Diet Really Shape Up?
WEB275 1.00
Hydration and Physical Activity: Risks, Challenges, and Benefits
WEB227 1.00
Hydration Myths and Realities
WEB286 1.00
Interoperability: A Plan for the Future
WEB305 1.00
Interprofessional Collaboration
WEB297 1.00
Intuitive Eating
WEB221 1.00
Juvenile Diabetes: Empowering Self-Management
WEB254 1.00
Legislation and Advanced Practice Nurses: An Update
WEB288 1.00
Let My People Go! Removing Barriers to Nursing Scope of Practice
WEB137 1.00
Looking Toward the Future: Nursing Roles Across the Continuum
WEB310 1.00
Low Health Literacy/Discharge Education
WEB298 1.00
Low Income Groups and Health
Can Unhealthy Habits Be Changed?
WEB224 1.00
Maintaining Weight Loss
WEB252 1.00
Making Teamwork Work in Nursing
WEB160 1.00
Managing Beverage Calories
WEB245 1.00
Managing Conflict to Stay Healthy
WEB276 1.00
Measuring Quality Outcomes
WEB214 1.00
Middle Age Anxiety, Depression & Suicide
WEB265 1.00
Missed Nursing Care: Finding the Solutions
WEB311 1.00
Navigating Through Conflict: Successful Strategies for Nurses
WEB301 1.00
Networking for Nurses: Is It Important?
WEB192 1.00
Nurse Bullying: Stereotype or Reality? What Can We Do About It?
WEB296 1.00
Nurse, Take Care of Thy Self
WEB307 1.00
Nursing Faculty: The Influence Behind Nursing's Future
WEB293 1.00
Nursing Leadership and Emergency Preparedness
WEB259 1.00
Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition
Should our Genes Determine What We Eat?
WEB271 1.00
Nutrition for Wound Healing
WEB273 1.00
Osteoarthritis vs Rheumatoid Arthritis: Pain Management Strategies
WEB233 1.00
Pain Management and Ethics
WEB235 1.00
Pediatric Chronic Pain Management
WEB234 1.00
Physical Activity and Exercise
WEB279 1.00
Physiology of Scarring & Minimizing Scarring
WEB272 1.00
Prevention of Infection: Surgical Site Infections
WEB285 1.00
Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in the United States
WEB267 1.00
Progressing to School Successfully: Is Now the Time for a BSN?
WEB299 1.00
Promoting Physical Activity
Enhancing Motivational Interviewing and Coaching Skills
WEB222 1.00
Quality, Safety and Future Technology Through Interoperability
WEB303 1.00
Real or Magic? The Power of Positive Thinking in Health Outcomes
WEB211 1.00
Reality Check: How Does Exercise Contribute to Weight Loss?
WEB287 1.00
RN to BSN: Aligning Your Personality Characteristics with Your Career Goals
WEB309 1.00
Signs of Aging and Geriatric Warning Signs
WEB278 1.00
Skin Basics: Histology & Healing
WEB268 1.00
Stopping the Progression of Prediabetes
WEB255 1.00
Strategies for Coping with Stress: Application for Clinical Practice
WEB264 1.00
The ACA’s Impact on Nursing and Education Funding Opportunities
WEB206 1.00
The American Healthcare Workforce: Building and Sustaining for the Future
WEB242 1.00
The Artificial Pancreas: The Promise of Saving Lives
WEB292 1.00
The Basics of Relaxation Techniques
WEB261 1.00
The Difference Between Comprehensive Peer Review and Peer Evaluation
WEB86 1.00
The Impact of the Economy and Making Healthy Choices
WEB282 1.00
The Importance of Sleep for Combatting Stress and Improving Your Health
WEB263 1.00
The NDNQI Translated
WEB215 1.00
The Possibilities Are Endless
Nursing's Influence on Collaborative Healthcare
WEB138 1.00
The Role of the Diabetes Educator
WEB257 1.00
The Role of the FNP in the Reinvention of Healthcare
WEB289 1.00
The Ultimate Balancing Act: Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare
WEB240 1.00
Transformational Leadership for Staff Nurses
Progressing from Managing Your Patient Load to Leading Healthcare Teams
WEB300 1.00
Transforming Practice: Taking the Leap to APRN
WEB290 1.00
Understanding Inactivity Physiology
WEB228 1.00
Unplugging and Reconnecting to Reduce Stress
WEB262 1.00
Utilizing Evidence-Based Practice and IT to Enhance Safety
WEB213 1.00
Virtual Nursing within Community Health
WEB260 1.00
What Can I Do with a Nursing Informatics Degree?
WEB302 1.00
What Evidence Lurks Behind Popular Supplements?
WEB274 1.00
What Health Professionals Need to Know About Aspartame
WEB253 1.00
What Influences Lifestyle Choices and How Can We Change Them?
WEB277 1.00
What is Early Intervention? Treatments and Therapies before or after a Diagnosis
WEB249 1.00
What is Energy Balance?
WEB244 1.00
What is Meaningful Use and How Does it Affect My Nursing Practice?
WEB304 1.00
What is Patient Safety? Creating a Culture of Collaboration in Healthcare
WEB212 1.00
Workplace Empowerment
What Nurses Need to Know
WEB141 1.00


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