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Rehabilitation nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Management of the Patient With Stroke
60074 9.20
A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Diabetes
60168 4.00
A Perfect Match: Preventing Blood Incompatibility Errors
CE481 1.00
A Test of Skill: Learning to Interpret the Liver Function Panel
CE444 1.00
Adult Immunizations
Growing Needs, Growing Numbers
CE576 1.00
Adult Obesity in the United States
A Growing Epidemic
CE601 1.00
An Interprofessional School-Based Team’s Approach to Caring for Lilly
A Second-Grader With Cerebral Palsy
60228 1.50
Preventing a Deadly Complication in Vulnerable Populations
CE491 1.00
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Present and Future
CE134-60 1.00
Back in Action With Joint Replacements‚ Part 1
CE411-60 1.00
Back in Action With Joint Replacements‚ Part 2
CE412-60 1.00
C. Difficile Threatens Hospitalized Patients
CE362-60 1.00
Calming the Cognitively Impaired
CE248-60 1.00
Can You Answer Patients’ Questions About Clinical Trials?
CE360-60 1.00
CBC 101
Blood Count Basics
CE279-60 1.00
Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Update
CE129-60 1.00
Children in Pain
CE276-60 1.00
Cholesterol: The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 1
CE337-60 1.00
Cholesterol: The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 2
CE338-60 1.00
Community-Onset Clostridium difficile
The Changing Picture
CE714 1.00
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome — Type I
CE303-60 1.00
Confabulation: Assessment and Intervention
CE709 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today's Healthcare Professionals, Part 3
The Cultural Factor in Pain Management
AH400-60 1.00
Decades Later — Post-Polio Syndrome
CE450 1.00
Dementia in the Older Adult
CE304-60 1.00
Diabetic Foot Ulcers Remain a Primary Healthcare Concern
CE743 1.00
Drug Interactions With Medications and Food
CE174-60 1.00
End-of-Life Issues
CE257-60 1.00
Everyday Ethics for Nurses
60097 7.30
Facing Limb Loss‚ Part 1
Helping Patients Regain Function
CE538 1.00
Facing Limb Loss‚ Part 2
Hope for the Future
CE539 1.00
Family Caregivers — Doing Double Duty
CE268-60 1.00
Looking Good and Feeling Awful
CE397-60 1.00
Fighting for Breath with COPD
CE374-60 1.00
Follow the Evidence to Up-to-Date Practice
CE359-60 1.00
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Infancy Through Adulthood
60179 1.50
Healthcare Providers Can Be ‘Diabetes Detectives’
CE457 1.00
Hepatitis C
The Shadow Epidemic
CE200-60 1.00
Hidden Danger: Venous Thromboembolism
CE366-60 1.00
Hospice and Palliative Care
Right Patient, Right Time, Right Place
CE312-60 1.00
Review of Guidelines and Drug Therapy Management
CE506 1.00
Insulin Pump Therapy
An Alternative to Conventional Insulin Injections
CE135-60 1.00
Interprofessional Guide to Pain Management
60227 6.00
Interprofessional Rehabilitation of People With Executive Function Impairment
CE742 1.00
Knowing Your ABGs
The Blood Gas Report
60201 2.50
Latex Allergy Alert
CE152-60 1.00
Lymphedema: An “Orphan” Disease
60244 1.50
Managing Arthritis
New Hope for an Old Disease
60219 5.00
Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors
CE718 1.00
Meeting the Challenge of Pediatric Pain Management
60080 2.90
MRSA May Be Waiting Right Around the Corner
CE480 1.00
Multiple Sclerosis
New Options for Care
CE238-60 1.00
New Diabetes Options for Improved Outcomes
CE378-60 1.00
Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Requires Healthcare Team Spirit
CE475 1.00
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults
CE203-60 1.00
Of Human Bondage
Alternatives to Restraints Help Reduce Risks to Patients
60072 2.50
Osteoporosis: A Preventable Epidemic
60216 6.00
Parental Reactions to Having a Child With Special Healthcare Needs
CE181-60 1.00
Parkinson's Disease
What Healthcare Professionals Should Know
CE213-60 1.00
Making the Most of Mentoring
CE190-60 1.00
Pediatric Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care
CE131-60 1.00
Pediatric Tracheostomy Emergencies
Just a Breath Away
CE578 1.00
Polypharmacy in the Elderly
CE214-60 1.00
Precepting: The Chance to Shape Nursing’s Future
CE393-60 1.00
Research in the Clinical Setting
Taking Nursing to New Heights
60140 2.00
Seizure Disorders
CE89-60 1.00
Spinal Cord Injury‚ Part 1
The Acute Phase
CE536 1.00
Spinal Cord Injury‚ Part 2
Rehabilitation and Beyond
CE537 1.00
Stem Cell Research Generates Hope — and Controversy
CE348-60 1.00
Stroke: Providing the Best Care from the ED to Rehab
CE540 1.00
Teaching Adult Patients With Learning Disabilities
CE270-60 1.00
The ABCs of Hypertension
The Antihypertensive Agents
60042 2.70
Transitions of Care
A Path to Quality Outcomes
CE696 1.00
Traumatic Brain Injury
CE571 1.00
Up-To-Date on Asthma in Adults
The Current Guidelines
CE496 1.00
Using Teach-Back in Patient Education
CE749 1.00
Young Child in Rehabilitation After Non-Fatal Drowning
Interprofessional Case #2
60195 2.00


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