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Public Health nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Obesity Management
A 911 Call to American Healthcare
60187 12.00
Women and Heart Disease
60098 10.50
Academic Progression: How Healthcare Reform Initiatives Work for Nurses
WEB187 1.00
Adolescent Dating Violence
CE269-60 1.00
Assessment and Diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorders
WEB247 1.00
Bacterial Meningitis — Still a Dangerous Foe
CE413 1.00
Beyond Standardized Care for the Homeless and Mentally Ill
CE347-60 1.00
Biological Weapons & Emergency Preparedness‚ Part 1
Anthrax and Plague
CE286-60 1.00
Blood Test, Drugs Boost Success in Managing Heart Failure
CE383-60 1.00
Body Fat Shapes Patients’ Health
CE375-60 1.00
Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help with Weight Management?
WEB251 1.00
Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE)
The ‘Nightmare’ Bacteria
CE698 1.00
Chagas Disease Can Be the Kiss of Death
CE613 1.00
Chemical Weapons and Emergency Preparedness
CE368-60 1.00
Child Abuse
CE185-60 1.00
Child Care Quandary
When to Exclude an Ill Child
CE396-60 1.00
The Silent Epidemic
CE145-60 1.00
Chronic Disease Prevention
WEB208 1.00
Clinical Management of Adults with HIV Opportunistic Infections
CE311-60 1.00
Clinical Management of HIV in Adults in the ERA of Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy
CE233-60 1.00
Closing the Gaps in Children’s Care
CE274-60 1.00
Collective Nursing Education: Why Streamlining is Vital!
WEB188 1.00
Community Based Healthcare: The Opportunities for Nursing Leaders
WEB258 1.00
Community-Onset Clostridium difficile
The Changing Picture
CE714 1.00
Defining the Optimal Exercise: Prescription for Health
WEB226 1.00
Dengue Fever Could Threaten U.S.
CE482 1.00
Disease Management Empowers Patients‚ Improves Lives
CE354-60 1.00
Early Intervention
Automatic External Defibrillators
CE144-60 1.00
Ebola Virus Disease: Preparation and Prevention
CE724 1.00
Ebola Virus Disease: Preparation and Prevention
An Interprofessional Perspective
60209 1.70
Emerging Infectious Diseases
A Growing Threat in the U.S.
CE527 1.00
Emerging Infectious Diseases
Intercontinental Travelers
CE285-60 1.00
Epidemiology: Introductory Concepts
CE108-60 1.00
Every Nurse Is a Risk Manager
CE105-60 1.00
Everyday Ethics for Nurses
60097 7.30
Exercise for Health and Fitness
CE251-60 1.00
Exercise is Medicine
WEB229 1.00
Family Caregivers
Doing Double Duty
CE268-60 1.00
Financial Triage
Enhancing Medical Adherence
CE336-60 1.00
First Aid for Common Skin Injuries
WEB269 1.00
Food Gone Bad
CE459 1.00
Forensic Nursing and School Shooters
CE192-60 1.50
From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better
WEB225 1.00
Hepatitis C
The Shadow Epidemic
CE200-60 1.00
Heroin Is Not Chic
The Epidemic Continues
CE176-60 1.00
Common and Sometimes Dangerous
CE410 1.00
How Can We Reach Teenage Smokers?
CE229-60 1.00
How Nurses Can Help Prevent Child Maltreatment
60077 7.00
Hydration and Physical Activity: Risks, Challenges, and Benefits
WEB227 1.00
Improving Patient Education for Poor Readers
CE195-60 1.00
Indoor Radon Health Risks Persist
Are You Doing Enough?
CE278-60 1.00
Infection Control
HIV/AIDS and Other Bloodborne Pathogens
CE163-60 1.00
Infection Control for Healthcare Professionals (Not for NY)
60011 3.00
Infectious Microbes and Disease
General Principles
60040 1.40
International Travel
A Guide For Traveling Healthy
CE136-60 1.00
Internet Safety: Child Exploitation and How Nurses Can Minimize the Risks
CE318-60 1.00
Keep It Clean
Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsis
CE568 1.00
Late-Onset Alcoholism in the Community
CE101-60 1.00
Latex Allergy Alert
CE152-60 1.00
Latinos and Cancer
A Focus on Awareness and Prevention
CE652 1.00
Lead Poisoning in Children
CE106-60 1.00
Legionnaires’ Disease
CE658 1.00
Low Income Groups and Health
Can Unhealthy Habits Be Changed?
WEB224 1.00
Mad Cow and New-Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Diseases
CE271-60 1.00
Maintaining Weight Loss
WEB252 1.00
Managed Care
Nursing's Friend or Foe?
CE169-60 1.00
Measles: How to Approach Parents About Vaccination
CE726 1.00
Measuring Quality Outcomes
WEB214 1.00
Medicare Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity
Who, What, and Why
60197 1.50
Medication Reconciliation: Avoiding Dangerous Errors
CE718 1.00
Methyl Mercury Poisoning
A Public Health Menace
CE308-60 1.00
MRSA May Be Waiting Right Around the Corner
CE480 1.00
New ‘Superbug’ a Danger for Even the Young and Healthy
CE384-60 1.00
New Norovirus Strain Spreads Across U.S.
CE453 1.00
Nurses Right at Home in Medical Homes
CE602 1.00
Nursing Faculty: The Influence Behind Nursing's Future
WEB186 1.00
Nursing Leadership and Emergency Preparedness
WEB259 1.00
Obesity in Young Children
CE243-60 1.00
Out of Harm's Way
Healthy Homes for Children
CE258-60 1.00
Pediatric Respiratory Infections
60081 5.80
‘Whooping Cough’ Is on the Rise
CE707 1.00
CE659 1.00
Population Health
Small Steps Creating Greater Reach
CE700 1.00
Preparing for Bioterrorism
Nurses on the Front Line
60068 5.00
Preventing Perinatal HIV Transmission
CE260-60 1.00
Prevention of Unintentional Injuries in the United States
WEB267 1.00
Promoting Medication Adherence in HIV Treatment
CE191-60 1.00
Providers Can Help Zap VAP
CE404-60 1.00
Putting Patient Teaching Into Practice
60083 7.50
Reality‚ Anxiety‚ and Mood
Understanding Major Mental Illnesses
60143 5.80
Regulation of Body Weight
CE717 1.00
RNs Shelter Victims of Disaster
CE409-60 1.00
SARS: This Decade and Beyond
CE323-60 1.00
School RNs Lead Education Efforts for Students with Diabetes
CE486 1.00
How to Change World Health
CE211-60 1.00
Skin Basics: Histology & Healing
WEB268 1.00
Smoking Cessation
Developing a Workable Program
CE207-60 1.00
Spare the Rod? Children and Physical Punishment
CE265-60 1.00
Specific Illnesses Baby Boomers Face
WEB205 1.00
Stopping Abuse and Neglect in Nursing Homes
CE674 1.50
Substance Abuse
Helping Women and Their Children
CE553 1.00
Taking an Exposure History
CE172-60 1.00
Tattoos, Piercings and Healthcare Issues
CE685 1.00
TB or Not TB
A Continuing Challenge
CE86-60 1.00
Teaching Adult Patients With Learning Disabilities
CE270-60 1.00
The ABCs of Hepatitis
Preventive Measures Can Halt Transmission
CE547 1.00
The End of Antibiotics: Can We ‘ESKAPE’ It?
CE725 1.00
The Germy Truth About Public Swimming Pools
CE483 1.00
The Impact of Cults on Health
CE293-60 1.00
The Importance of Sleep for Combatting Stress and Improving Your Health
WEB263 1.00
The NDNQI Translated
WEB215 1.00
The Next BIG Thing: Transitional Care Nursing
WEB189 1.00
The Pox Collection
Two Classics and an Exotic Import
CE325-60 1.00
To the Point
The Contemporary Body Piercing and Tattooing Renaissance
CE194-60 1.00
Tobacco Use and Dependence
How Nurses Can Save Lives
WEB172 1.00
Treating and Preventing Communicable Diseases
60073 7.90
Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence
CE684 1.50
Type 2 Diabetes Reaches Epidemic Proportions Among Youth
CE351-60 1.00
Uncovering Abuse in the Pregnant Woman
CE205-60 1.00
Understanding Inactivity Physiology
WEB228 1.00
Unplugging and Reconnecting to Reduce Stress
WEB262 1.00
Utilizing Evidence-Based Practice and IT to Enhance Safety
WEB213 1.00
Violence and Families
60024 2.00
Virtual Nursing within Community Health
WEB260 1.00
Weapons of Mass Destruction and Emergency Preparedness
60045 4.00
West Nile Virus
Spread of the Mosquitoborne Illness
CE504 1.00
What is Patient Safety? Creating a Culture of Collaboration in Healthcare
WEB212 1.00
When Disasters Strike
Preparing for the Unexpected
CE681 1.00
Will Avian Flu Mutate into a Pandemic?
CE341-60 1.00
Women Face Special Lung Cancer Risks
CE425 1.00
Can Your Pets Make You Sick?
CE569 1.00

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