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Pediatric nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
ABCs of Emergency Burn Management
CE142-60 1.00
Adolescent Dating Violence
CE269-60 1.00
Adolescent Drinking
The Sobering Facts about Teen Alcohol Use and Abuse
CE551 1.00
Adverse Drug Events
CE102-60 1.00
Alarm Fatigue Can Endanger Patients
CE704 1.00
An Orthopedic Emergency
Compartment Syndrome
CE146-60 1.00
Anabolic Steroids
Body Busters, Not Builders
CE320-60 1.00
A Whole-Body Allergic Reaction
CE661 1.00
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
CE82-60 1.00
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Present and Future
CE134-60 1.00
Autoimmune Disease
A Leading Cause of Death Among Women
CE530 1.00
Biting Bugs
CE653 1.00
Bronchiolitis In Children
An Evidence-Based Approach
CE116-60 1.00
Child Abuse
CE185-60 1.00
Child Care Quandary
When to Exclude an Ill Child
CE396-60 1.00
Childhood and Adolescent Immunization Update
CE129-60 1.00
Children in Pain
CE276-60 1.00
Closing the Gaps in Children’s Care
CE274-60 1.00
Common Pediatric Problems in Ambulatory Care
60078 5.00
When the Coagulation Cascade Goes Horribly Wrong
CE557 1.00
Dog Bites in Children
CE219-60 1.00
Domestic Violence Awareness for Healthcare Professionals
60180 3.00
Effective Parenting
Innate or Learned?
CE636 1.00
Everyday Ethics for Nurses
60097 7.30
Evidence-Based Pediatric Secretion Management
CE619 1.00
Factitious Disorder
The Disorder Formerly Known as Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy
CE209-60 1.00
Family Caregivers
Doing Double Duty
CE268-60 1.00
Food Allergies
More Common Than Ever Among Children
CE555 1.00
Head Lice
You Do Really Need to Know This
CE280-60 1.00
Helping Children Who Are Being Teased and Bullied
CE305-60 1.00
How Nurses Can Help Prevent Child Maltreatment
60077 7.00
HPV Vaccination Fights Cervical Cancer
CE631 1.00
Indomethacin vs. Ibuprofen for Managing Patent Ductus Arteriosus in Preterm Infants
CE493 1.00
Internet Safety: Child Exploitation and How Nurses Can Minimize the Risks
CE318-60 1.00
Introduction of Solid Foods
CE315-60 1.00
Keeping Adolescents on a Healthy Track
60050 4.00
Latex Allergy Alert
CE152-60 1.00
Lead Poisoning in Children
CE106-60 1.00
Meeting the Challenge of Pediatric Pain Management
60080 2.90
Methyl Mercury Poisoning
A Public Health Menace
CE308-60 1.00
Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
Off to a Shaky Start
CE581 1.00
New ‘Superbug’ a Danger for Even the Young and Healthy
CE384-60 1.00
Nocturnal Enuresis
How Nurses Can Help
CE107-60 1.00
Nurses Critical as Reimbursement Dries Up for Catheter-Associated UTIs
CE485 1.00
Nurses Right at Home in Medical Homes
CE602 1.00
Obesity and the School-Age Child
CE316-60 1.00
Obesity in Young Children
CE243-60 1.00
One Size Doesn’t Fit All with Age-Specific Competencies
60051 1.70
Out of Harm's Way
Healthy Homes for Children
CE258-60 1.00
Parental Reactions to Having a Child with Disabilities
CE181-60 1.00
Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma
CE656 1.50
Pediatric Defibrillation
A Window of Opportunity
CE314-60 1.00
Pediatric Respiratory Infections
60081 5.80
Pediatric Tracheostomy and Ventilator Care
CE131-60 1.00
Pediatric Tracheostomy Emergencies
Just a Breath Away
CE578 1.00
‘Whooping Cough’ Is on the Rise
CE707 1.00
Picky Eaters
CE244-60 1.00
Pitfalls of IV Therapy
CE94-60 1.00
Pocket Guide to Fetal Monitoring and Assessment‚ 5th Ed.
NW6510 0.00
Preventing Medication Errors
60150 2.00
Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death in Children
Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome, Long QT Syndrome, and Brugada Syndrome
CE565 1.00
Promoting a Culture of Safety to Prevent Medical Errors
CE498 1.00
School RNs Lead Education Efforts for Students with Diabetes
CE486 1.00
How to Change World Health
CE211-60 1.00
Seizure Disorders
CE89-60 1.00
Cutting Through the Tension
CE608 1.00
Spare the Rod? Children and Physical Punishment
CE265-60 1.00
Sports-Related Concussions
Tackling a Growing Trend
CE617 1.00
Taking an Exposure History
CE172-60 1.00
The Challenges of Short Bowel Syndrome in the Pediatric Patient
CE97-60 1.00
The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
What’s Our Plan?
WEB176 1.00
The Pox Collection
Two Classics and an Exotic Import
CE325-60 1.00
The Right Nursing Guide for Parenteral Nutrition for Adults and Children
60041 2.50
The Sobering Facts About Fetal Alcohol Exposure
CE381-60 1.00
The Toddler with Excessive Juice Intake
CE245-60 1.00
The Vegetarian Teen
CE317-60 1.00
Tourette Syndrome
CE254-60 1.00
Traumatic Brain Injury
CE571 1.00
Type 2 Diabetes Reaches Epidemic Proportions Among Youth
CE351-60 1.00
Upper Respiratory Infection Telephone Triage
Helping Patients Breathe Easier
CE438 1.00
Visitors at the Bedside
Blessing or Bane?
CE356-60 1.00
What’s on the Inside: An Overview of Blunt Chest Trauma
CE471 1.00
Working with an Interprofessional Team
CE90-60 1.00
Wounds‚ Part 1
Nursing Assessment, Care and Product Selection
CE80-60 1.00
Wounds‚ Part 2
Nursing Care and Product Selection
CE81-60 1.00

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