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Nutrition nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
Obesity Management
A 911 Call to American Healthcare
60187 12.00
Women and Heart Disease
60098 10.50
A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Diabetes Care
60168 4.00
Adult Obesity in the United States
A Growing Epidemic
CE601 1.00
ASD: Review of Research and Evidence Related to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies
WEB248 1.00
Preventing a Deadly Complication in Vulnerable Populations
CE491 1.00
Bariatric Surgery Update
CE267-60 1.00
Body Fat Shapes Patients’ Health
CE375-60 1.00
Can Low Calorie Sweeteners Help with Weight Management?
WEB251 1.00
Celiac Disease Demands a Lifelong Gluten-Free Diet
CE386-60 1.00
Cholesterol — The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 1
CE337-60 1.00
Cholesterol — The Good‚ the Bad‚ and the Balanced‚ Part 2
CE338-60 1.00
Chronic Illness and Malnutrition: A Dangerous Combination
WEB175 1.00
Control of Hypertension
Can We Win the War?
CE196-60 1.00
Diet and Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women
CE708 1.00
Diverticular Disease
Proper Diet May Help Prevent Common Colon Condition
CE542 1.00
Drug Interactions With Medications and Food
CE174-60 1.00
Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat with Diabetes
WEB223 1.00
Exercise for Health and Fitness
CE251-60 1.00
Looking Good and Feeling Awful
CE397-60 1.00
Folic Acid
The Hope for the Future
CE208-60 1.00
Food Allergies
More Common Than Ever Among Children
CE555 1.00
Food Gone Bad
CE459 1.00
From Mindless Eating to Mindlessly Eating Better
WEB225 1.00
Fueling An Active Lifestyle — When Is The Best Time to Eat?
WEB133 1.00
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
Infancy Through Adulthood
60179 1.50
Healthcare Providers Can Be ‘Diabetes Detectives’
CE457 1.00
Healthy People 2020, Part 1
Roadmap for the Nation’s Health
CE672 1.00
Healthy People 2020, Part 2
Roadmap for the Nation’s Health
CE673 1.00
Heart Healthy Lifestyle Counseling
WEB238 1.00
Hyperemesis Gravidarum — More than Morning Sickness
CE273-60 1.00
Hypoglycemia in Tightly Controlled Type 1 Diabetes
How to Recognize, Prevent and Treat It
CE252-60 1.00
Importance of Nutritional Status in Pregnancy Outcomes
CE682 1.00
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Havoc in the GI System
CE634 1.00
Introduction of Solid Foods
CE315-60 1.00
Intuitive Eating
WEB221 1.00
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Not Just a Gut Feeling
CE217-60 1.00
Low Income Groups and Health
Can Unhealthy Habits Be Changed?
WEB224 1.00
Maintaining Weight Loss
WEB252 1.00
Managing Beverage Calories
WEB245 1.00
Mechanical Complications in Long-Term Feeding Tubes
CE201-60 1.00
Medicare Intensive Behavioral Therapy for Obesity
Who, What, and Why
60197 1.50
New Diabetes Options From Lizards and Laboratories
CE378-60 1.00
Nurses, Healthcare Professionals, Women and Heart Disease
Making the Connection
CE143-60 1.00
Nuts, Chocolate and Cardiovascular Health
CE686 1.00
Obesity and the School-Age Child
CE316-60 1.00
Obesity in Young Children
CE243-60 1.00
A Preventable Epidemic
60144 8.30
Physically Active Lifestyle Key to Controlling Type 2 Diabetes
CE660 1.00
Picky Eaters
CE244-60 1.00
Regulation of Body Weight
CE717 1.00
School RNs Lead Education Efforts for Students with Diabetes
CE486 1.00
Secrets of Human Motivation
Research and Interventions from Self-Determination Theory
WEB220 0.80
The Epidemic of Childhood Obesity
What’s Our Plan?
WEB176 1.00
The Piece de Resistance
Insulin-Resistance Syndrome/Metabolic Syndrome
CE288-60 1.00
The Plant-Based Diet
Why It Works
WEB177 1.00
The Science Behind Healthy Weight Loss
WEB174 1.00
The Sobering Facts About Fetal Alcohol Exposure
CE381-60 1.00
The Toddler with Excessive Juice Intake
CE245-60 1.00
The Vegetarian Teen
CE317-60 1.00
Type 2 Diabetes Reaches Epidemic Proportions Among Youth
CE351-60 1.00
Uncovering Gestational Diabetes for the Health of Mother and Child
CE467 1.00
Understanding Insulin Management
60105 3.30
Vitamin D
What Is the Evidence?
CE627 1.00
When Dinner's Done
Postprandial Hypotension in Older Adults
CE324-60 1.00
When the Nose No Longer Knows
Smell and Taste Disorders in Elders
CE335-60 1.00

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