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Multidisciplinary CE nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
A Complementary and Integrative Practices Potpourri
CE199-60 1.00
A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Diabetes Care
60168 4.00
A Test of Skill: Learning to Interpret the Liver Function Panel
CE444 1.00
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
CE228-60 1.00
Age-Related Macular Degeneration
CE259-60 1.00
An Orthopedic Emergency
Compartment Syndrome
CE146-60 1.00
Anabolic Steroids
Body Busters, Not Builders
CE320-60 1.00
Preventing a Deadly Complication in Vulnerable Populations
CE491 1.00
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Present and Future
CE134-60 1.00
Bacterial Meningitis — Still a Dangerous Foe
CE413 1.00
Biofeedback 101
CE720 1.00
CBC 101
Blood Count Basics
CE279-60 1.00
Celiac Disease Demands a Lifelong Gluten-Free Diet
CE386-60 1.00
Child Abuse
CE185-60 1.00
Common Fallacies About Cancer Pain
CE141-60 1.00
Common Pediatric Problems in Ambulatory Care
60078 5.00
Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Striving for Standards
CE593 1.00
Comprehensive Disease Management of Patients with Asthma
CE198-60 1.00
Cultural and Linguistic Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals, Part 4
Effective Communication With Limited-English-Proficient Patients
AH401-60 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today's Healthcare Professionals, Part 3
The Cultural Factor in Pain Management
AH400-60 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals‚ Part 1
Culture and Women’s Health
AH398-60 1.00
Cultural Considerations for Haitian Patients
CE592 1.00
Cystic Fibrosis
No Cure Yet, But Treatment Advances Continue
CE534 1.00
Diet and Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women
CE708 1.00
Enhancing Communications with Families
CE78-60 1.00
Epidemiology: Introductory Concepts
CE108-60 1.00
Looking Good and Feeling Awful
CE397-60 1.00
Florida Update — HIV/AIDS in the New Millennium
CE234-60 1.00
For a Healthy Environment‚ Clinicians and Hospitals Have to Go Green(er)
CE489 1.00
Hearing Loss and Assessment
A Concern for All
CE215-60 1.00
Hope for the ‘Heartbreak of Psoriasis’
CE369-60 1.00
How Can We Reach Teenage Smokers?
CE229-60 1.00
Review of Guidelines and Drug Therapy Management
CE506 1.00
ICU Alert
Worsening Respiratory Function Can Signal ARDS
CE345-60 1.00
Indoor Radon Health Risks Persist
Are You Doing Enough?
CE278-60 1.00
Keep It Clean
Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsis
CE568 1.00
Kidney Disease‚ Part 1
Early Detection Can Delay Progression
CE544 1.00
Kidney Disease‚ Part 2
Understanding Dialysis
CE545 1.00
Late-Onset Alcoholism in the Community
CE101-60 1.00
Life-Threatening Fungal Infections on the Rise
CE390-60 1.00
Lupus Remains Incurable‚ but Research Offers Hope
CE388-60 1.00
Marfan Syndrome
Inherited Disorder has Far-Reaching Effects
CE487 1.00
Methyl Mercury Poisoning
A Public Health Menace
CE308-60 1.00
New Diabetes Options for Improved Outcomes
CE378-60 1.00
NJ Required Organ and Tissue Donation Choice
What Every Nurse Needs to Know
CE665 1.00
Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Requires Healthcare Team Spirit
CE475 1.00
Nutrigenetics: The Interplay of Genes, Diet and Health
CE729 1.00
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults
CE203-60 1.00
Parkinson's Disease
What Healthcare Professionals Should Know
CE213-60 1.00
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder‚ Part 1 — An Overview
CE117-60 1.00
Promoting a Culture of Safety to Prevent Medical Errors
CE498 1.00
Providers Can Help Zap VAP
CE404-60 1.00
Providing Relief for Patients With Malignant Wounds
CE380-60 1.00
Radiation Incidents and Emergency Preparedness
CE363-60 1.00
Rattlesnake Bite
Treatment or Mistreatment?
CE167-60 1.00
Recognizing Ototoxicity
CE111-60 1.00
Regulation of Body Weight
CE717 1.00
Research Reveals the Benefits of Meditation
CE385-60 1.00
Safe Labeling Helps Prevent OR Errors
CE435 1.00
Scleroderma: More Than Skin Deep
CE588 1.00
Seizure Disorders
CE89-60 1.00
Sexual Harassment and Retaliation
CE392-60 1.00
Smoking Cessation
Developing a Workable Program
CE207-60 1.00
Social Anxiety Disorder Restricts Lives
CE448 1.00
Spinal Cord Injury‚ Part 2
Rehabilitation and Beyond
CE537 1.00
Stroke Alert
Brain Attack — Think TPA!
CE461 1.00
Stroke: Providing the Best Care from the ED to Rehab
CE540 1.00
Surviving Caregiver Stress Syndrome
WEB134 1.00
Taking the Right Steps for Diabetic Feet
CE577 1.00
The Hospitalized Older Adult
Entering a Danger Zone
CE533 1.00
The Inside Story on Mold
CE376-60 1.00
The Patient With Meniere's Disease
CE543 1.00
The Piece de Resistance
Insulin-Resistance Syndrome/Metabolic Syndrome
CE288-60 1.00
More Than Just Ringing in the Ears
CE458 1.00
Toxic Alert
Many Common Drugs Can Damage Kidney and Liver
CE500 1.00
Type 2 Diabetes Reaches Epidemic Proportions Among Youth
CE351-60 1.00
Weathering the Electrical Storm of AF
CE408-60 1.00
Weight Management: Facts Not Fads
CE585 1.00

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