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Multidisciplinary CE nursing continuing education:

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Course TitleCourse IDContact hoursMedia Type
A Complementary and Integrative Practices Potpourri
CE199-60 1.00
A Healthcare Provider's Guide to Diabetes Care
60168 4.00
A Test of Skill: Learning to Interpret the Liver Function Panel
CE444 1.00
Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm
CE228-60 1.00
Preventing a Deadly Complication in Vulnerable Populations
CE491 1.00
Autism Spectrum Disorders
Present and Future
CE134-60 1.00
CBC 101
Blood Count Basics
CE279-60 1.00
Celiac Disease Demands a Lifelong Gluten-Free Diet
CE386-60 1.00
Common Fallacies About Cancer Pain
CE141-60 1.00
Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Striving for Standards
CE593 1.00
Comprehensive Disease Management of Patients with Asthma
CE198-60 1.00
Cultural and Linguistic Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals, Part 4
Effective Communication With Limited-English-Proficient Patients
AH401-60 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today's Healthcare Professionals, Part 3
The Cultural Factor in Pain Management
AH400-60 1.00
Cultural Competence for Today’s Healthcare Professionals‚ Part 1
Culture and Women’s Health
AH398-60 1.00
Cultural Considerations for Haitian Patients
CE592 1.00
Diet and Prevention of Ischemic Heart Disease in Women
CE708 1.00
Looking Good and Feeling Awful
CE397-60 1.00
Florida Update — HIV/AIDS in the New Millennium
CE234-60 1.00
How Can We Reach Teenage Smokers?
CE229-60 1.00
Review of Guidelines and Drug Therapy Management
CE506 1.00
ICU Alert
Worsening Respiratory Function Can Signal ARDS
CE345-60 1.00
Late-Onset Alcoholism in the Community
CE101-60 1.00
Lupus Remains Incurable‚ but Research Offers Hope
CE388-60 1.00
New Diabetes Options From Lizards and Laboratories
CE378-60 1.00
Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation Requires Healthcare Team Spirit
CE475 1.00
Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Adults
CE203-60 1.00
Providers Can Help Zap VAP
CE404-60 1.00
Regulation of Body Weight
CE717 1.00
Safe Labeling Helps Prevent OR Errors
CE435 1.00
Scleroderma: More Than Skin Deep
CE588 1.00
Smoking Cessation
Developing a Workable Program
CE207-60 1.00
Spinal Cord Injury‚ Part 2
Rehabilitation and Beyond
CE537 1.00
Surviving Caregiver Stress Syndrome
WEB134 1.00
The Piece de Resistance
Insulin-Resistance Syndrome/Metabolic Syndrome
CE288-60 1.00
More Than Just Ringing in the Ears
CE458 1.00
Type 2 Diabetes Reaches Epidemic Proportions Among Youth
CE351-60 1.00
Weathering the Electrical Storm of AF
CE408-60 1.00
Weight Management: Facts Not Fads
CE585 1.00

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